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Heather Dale Counselling and Therapy in Keighley, West Yorkshire

About Counselling and Therapy
25th July 2024 
About Counselling and Therapy
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About Counselling and Therapy. safe harbour

About counselling and therapy

About Therapy

Counselling and/or psychotherapy offer a chance to reflect on and gain new understandings of psychological distress through the "talking cure". At its most basic counselling and/or psychotherapy offer a confidential space to talk through issues that concern you, whether a current problem, or something unresolved that may go back many years. Whilst making that first step to contact a counsellor may be challenging, talking in a neutral space usually offers, at least, some relief and at best, can be inspirational and motivating.

Over a career as a counsellor/psychotherapist that spans nearly 30 years I have worked with a large number of issues, including relationship difficulties, work-based issues, anxiety, bulimia, compulsive eating, gender issues, and couples counselling amongst others. I work from home, in a quiet room used specifically for therapy. Unfortunately, as the room is up a short flight of stairs, I cannot offer disabled access.

I also offer on-line counselling, though I prefer to meet face-to-face at least once, first. On-line counselling offers a different experience from face to face work, but similar results can be achieved.

Regarding supervision: My philosophical position is that all approaches work some of the time and none work all of the time. Consequently, I encourage supervisees to discover a way of working, both with their own clients and with the supervisory relationship that, whilst being sufficiently rigorous, best suits their own individual way of working. Supervision at its best is a collaboration between supervisor and supervisee, where we both reflect on ways of working.

I believe that supervision should be about the whole of the supervisee’s professional development, though with a strong emphasis on client work. However, in any supervisor relationship, there has to be space to monitor ethical practice, to encourage professional development and to offer a safe space to explore, examine and exhume emotions, and to re-charge batteries.

Fees: I currently (from January 2024) charge 50 for a fifty minute session, whether individual, couples or supervisees, From time to time there may be increases but advance notice is normally given. Trainee counsellors are charged 45.

What happens after you contact me?

After you have contacted me I will suggest that we meet once, to decide whether what you want fits with my skill set. As people often come to therapy not knowing what to expect, the first session is about finding out if we can work together. Part of getting the relationship right is in establishing the "therapeutic frame" in the first sessions. This is your chance to tell me what your hopes and fears may be.

If we agree to work together we would then meet regularly (usually once a week for the first few weeks, at least) in order to help you achieve your goals. The meetings can be either face to face, on line, or a mixture of both depending on what you prefer. Once we have started working together, our work is open-ended, so we stop whenever you are ready. The exception to this is if you are being paid through work, or other third party, who may limit the number of sessions you are allowed.